Monday, June 9, 2008

new car and lost tooth

June 4 we got a new car. We got a Honda Pilot.
It is so nice not to have to try and fit 3 car seats
on one row. Hailey gets to sit in the very back by
herself. She thinks it's SO COOL!

Hailey finally lost the second tooth on the top.
The tooth fairy is going to be broke if she keeps
loosing teeth.


Amy said...

I love the new ride! What did you do with your little car? Carter was so cute yesterday at church! What a good little boy!!!

Jacob & Tia said...

Love the picture on the top! That is priceless! He is getting big. We are looking for a new ride as well, we are expecting number 2.

Ryan, Jilly, & Spencer said...

Aww Fun, I love new cars!!

Sarah Bogh said...

Hey, so do you love your pilot? i love love mine, it is nice to have all the room. its probably a little more scary to fill the tank than it was with your other car though huh? are you keeping the other car or did you trade it in? Play group looked like it would be so fun, to bad i can't be in both places at once! i want to see more carter pics, he is so cute! too bad i didn't get to come see him before i left though that makes me sad.