Sunday, June 15, 2008

since the last post

The reason why I haven't posted in a while
is because I haven't gotten a lot of sleep.
I guess when you go 5 years of sleeping the
ENTIRE night and all of a sudden you are getting
up 2 times a night for and hour each time will
make you TIRED! How did I do it with the
ladies. Maybe I just forgot.

So since the last post there hasn't been a lot going
on. I had a wound check and they said it looks GREAT!

Hailey tried to peel and orange and it squirted her in
the eye. (that's why she is sporting her goggles)

We had Hailey, Tristen (nehew), and Adam's (my brother)
birthday parties.

Carter now is totally into tummy time. He loves to lift
his head and look around. Oh and he had his first BLOWOUT!

Brynn has just been hangin around trying to make Carter
stop crying. (she hates when he cries)


Anonymous said...

Your little baby is SO cute! I love the newborn stage, but I know what you mean about having many years of sleeping through the night and then get up again, it about killed me. The crazy thing is she still really doesn't sleep through the night, she is way worse that way than the boys.

Amy said...

So now maybe you will be a bit more understanding when I don't have a new blog every couple of days. I was just about to chastise you. Oh well I guess you get off this time!