Thursday, March 25, 2010


Sorry for the bad pictures but They were taken with my little point and shoot! I wasn't
going to carry my 5 pounder around ALL day long. We took the kids to Disney
and had a blast! The weather was really nice and we wish we could go back. Maybe next
month some time. I was SO SO excited to take Carter this year because he was so much older
this time. He kept saying "ride" it was so cute! He freaked out when he saw Mater and Lightning. We had to fight him to stay in line to get his picture he just wanted to run up there.
The girls are really getting to a fun age where they want to go on some bigger rides..but they are still to short for the BIG ones.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Studio fun

I was trying out the new studio stuff and who better to have than some cute kids!
I think they turned out ok! It would be better if they would hold still for more than
5 seconds. I REALLY want to get some close ups of each of them and black and white
them and blow them up to a big print and hang them ALL over my house!

Friday, March 19, 2010

bath time fun

Greenbelt fun

I think this one is so sweet! Hailey putting a "flower" in Noah's hair!

carter giving me his cheeeeesie
Beautiful Brynnie!!!
I love this one! my crazy little ladies!
Hailey looking really close to the lens! ha ha I love it though!


Brynn went bowling at the suncoast for a birthday party. I stayed
and took pictures. Above is her and her friend Maddy, these girls
are CRAZY when they are together. They all had SO much fun.

Soccer clinic

Hailey had a soccer clinic last week where they went through tons
of drills and then played a few scrimmage games. She had a lot of
fun but was dead tired after! It was 4 hours of soccer which he just loves.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Brynn has been taking gymnastics for 6 weeks now and can already go
into her bridge from a standing position! I'm SO proud of her.
I just love how she sticks her tongue out while doing everything.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I've been eyeing these blossoms for a few days now and today was BEAUTIFUL!
So I grabbed my camera and hauled it to school with me. After I dropped
the ladies off Carter and I went to take some pictures.
This is my FAVORITE time of the year here in Vegas. I wish it
would stay like this..well just the trees.

Monday, March 1, 2010

"Queen of the Air"

Hailey did a book report on Amelia Earhart. She had to dress up and give
her oral report infront of the class. She did an amazing job! Doesn't she
even look like Amelia? Thanks pappa for the head gear and thanks
Caleb for the church clothes!

sickies and Cars

Brynn is home sick today with a yucky cough and a little sore throat. So...that means
she gets to watch the movies Cars with Carter ALL DAY LONG!

Bar Celebration

We went to Baskin Robbins with Adam and Carrie to celebrate Adam
finishing the Bar Exam.
Adam got the ice cream that he's been getting since he was probably 7 "bubblegum"
Carrie got the pralines ice cream
Hailey got cookies and Cream
Brynn got some Carmel swirl kind???
Noah got who knows what
and Carter and I both got peanut butter and chocolate! Mmmm!!!!

play time with Carter

Look at that form!!!! He made daddy proud with this shot!

This is what Carter and I do during the morning while the ladies are
in school. We shoot baskets with every ball...even this football.