Sunday, October 18, 2009

the mOnStEr mash

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Carters new bed

Found this ugly bed at a garage sale and they wanted 25.00 well
I got it for 20.00. I spent 10.00 on some paint and another 10.00
on some super cute knobs and voila! SUPER BOYISH BED! I LOVE
how it turned out. Iwas really wanting a black bed for carter but
didn't love the price tags of the ones at the store. I DO however love
my price tag of 40.00!
Check out this awesome site called "All things thrifty" for some really
cool ways to decorate well.....THRIFTY!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yes I feel like her! It has been SO FLIPPIN crazy since school
has started. I now have 6 kids! yes you read it 6!!! Between
my 3 and the other 3 and then running kids here and there
and trying to keep up with school work for 4 and scouts and my photography
oh man!
this is my schedule...
monday-football, wrangling 4 kids for homework
tuesday-scouts, more homework for 4
wednesday-kumon, soccer x2 and activity days gone from 2:40-6:30
thursday-football AGAIN! and making sure all 4kids homework is done! don't usually remember friday
Saturday-Soccer games and shower day
SO......if any of you see me wearing the same clothes for a week straight
please don't judge! OH and abut my housekeeping...just keep it to yoursef!

good ole home grown

So while in utah Uncle Tim took the ladies and Noah out to his
Garden and let them pick carrots and red potatoes. They thought
it was kinda wierd to dig potatoes out of the ground.
I love Brynn's face in this picture....shes like you want me to eat that!
Look closely she has her mouth full of air like she is going to puke!