Sunday, October 18, 2009

Carters new bed

Found this ugly bed at a garage sale and they wanted 25.00 well
I got it for 20.00. I spent 10.00 on some paint and another 10.00
on some super cute knobs and voila! SUPER BOYISH BED! I LOVE
how it turned out. Iwas really wanting a black bed for carter but
didn't love the price tags of the ones at the store. I DO however love
my price tag of 40.00!
Check out this awesome site called "All things thrifty" for some really
cool ways to decorate well.....THRIFTY!


Maili said...

CUTE! I love it! Great job! :] I think the black looks really really good! I love thrifty things and making them your own!

Tim and Ashley Tappana said...

Really cute! Look how crafty you are! I am proud to say you're my how in the heck are you going to keep that boy in his bed?!

It's a Boy!!! said...

That's awesome! Do your girls need a kitchen set? Look at this cool idea...