Sunday, October 16, 2011

Soccer kids

Hailey has been playing Soccer now for 4 and 1/2 years. She has really gotten good at it.
She is now playing with an all girls team. They are called the Red Hots! Last season they took 3rd overall and the season before that they were the champs. We'll have to see about this year. I think we will see another championship!
Hailey is the teams Keeper. She does a great job at it and really likes it. She is one of the smaller girls on the team but that doesn't stop her! She will attack you if you are coming her way with that ball. She will NOT let you score on her! She says "bring it on"

Carter started soccer in September. A lady in our ward put together a little soccer team
with a bunch of kids from our ward. I thought Carter would do really well and just
love this! I THOUGHT WRONG! He isn't really into it all that much. If someone
steels the ball he cries! If someone blocks the ball he cries! If he falls down he cries!
I do have to say he is getting a little better! The last game he did play for a bout 5 minutes!
The little team goes until December so I'll keep you updated on how he does at the end.
Maybe he will improve! Lets hope!