Saturday, September 18, 2010

Laguna Beach

While in California with Tim and Ash, Adam and Carrie came down for a night
and we all went to the beach saturday and hat a hot dog roast on the beach.
It was a lot of fun.
We need to do it more often.

Adam and Mia

Mia's first touch of sand
Brynn and Noah finding sand crabs
The lifeguard asking Tim if he was ok
Tappana Family

Emery and her cute hat
Uncle Adam and the boys
my sweet hail

Disneyland with the Tappana Fam

We went to Disneyland with Ashley and Tim this summer. It was SO much
fun. It was Emery's first Disney Trip and I'm So glad we got to be there.

The Parade
Hailey got to hold a special parade disk and help out
Jesse took them around during the parade. Carter LOVES Toy Story. I'm So
glad I got this shot.
Goof balls!

Bumper Cars in California adventure bugs life

Carter got these toys in California Adventure park. I love how boy he is and making
buzz fly around. So CUTE! LOVE HIM!
Hail, Ash and Brynn waiting for a show to start.
The Tappana Family with "the" picture! Gotta have the Mickey flower
head picture behind you
Tea cups! LOVE their expressions
Beautiful Hailey
Silly Brynn
I love flowers
The Fam with Buzz!

peter parker

Carter! He got these glasses in Disneyland because they are spiderman ones.
He wouldn't wear them with the lenses in them so we popped them out and now he
walks around with them on all the time. I had to take some pictures of him being
"Peter Parker" GO SPIDEY

Mia's Blessing

August 1, 2010 Mia was blessed. My entire family drove down and
we all got to celebrate this special occasion. Mia looked so cute in her
blessing dress. We love you Mia

All the grandkids! Emery, Brynn, Hailey, Mia, Noah and Carter