Saturday, September 18, 2010

Disneyland with the Tappana Fam

We went to Disneyland with Ashley and Tim this summer. It was SO much
fun. It was Emery's first Disney Trip and I'm So glad we got to be there.

The Parade
Hailey got to hold a special parade disk and help out
Jesse took them around during the parade. Carter LOVES Toy Story. I'm So
glad I got this shot.
Goof balls!

Bumper Cars in California adventure bugs life

Carter got these toys in California Adventure park. I love how boy he is and making
buzz fly around. So CUTE! LOVE HIM!
Hail, Ash and Brynn waiting for a show to start.
The Tappana Family with "the" picture! Gotta have the Mickey flower
head picture behind you
Tea cups! LOVE their expressions
Beautiful Hailey
Silly Brynn
I love flowers
The Fam with Buzz!


Jilly said...

Lucky!! We love Disney, I can't wait until Spencer is old enough to did Carter do? Was he able to ride enough stuff to keep him entertained?

Allyson said...

oh yea carter rode the matterhorn! LOVED IT! you guys should go! spencer will freak! carter has a blast. he even rode a rollercoaster in toon town. spencer is also quite a bit taller so he'll be albe to ride more. they pretty much can ride almost anything if you are with them! GO!