Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Friend time

Brynn had 2 of her friends from kindergarten
come over and play today. Yes I let them ride the
skateboard into the street, and YES the tall
girl is in kindergarten. (she's taller than Hailey)

Monday, March 23, 2009

10 Months

I can not belive how fast 10 monts has gone by.
It is a little sad knowing that in 2 more month my
baby will be 1. Carter is now walking holdin on to
just 1 finger!!! He can stand by himself if nobody is
lookig. He now has a vocabulary of 3 word wich
include, MOMMA, DADDA, and BOBBA. We are
trying to get him to say Hailey or Brynn.
He sleeps through the night and pretty much
always has except when sick. He is THE best
little boy ever! He LOVES to tackle his sisters
and play in their room. We love you Carter

Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Game of the Season

This year Hailey is on the RENEGADES. It is a new
team from the one she was on last year. She LOVES
this new team. Today was their first game. She has
improved SO much from last season.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Time

I LOVE ths time of year. It is 80 degrees outside
the flip flops are out and these pretty little flowers
that are in my backyard are back.

San Diego Trip

The Dolphin show at Sea World. This is Hailey's favorite part
of Sea World.

Here are the kiddo's before the Shamu show. I didn't
get any pictures of the show because we sat
in the "SOAK ZONE" and I wasn't taking any
chances of getting my camera wet.

Carter looking at a star fish. He wanted to grab it and eat it.

Hailey thought they were gross. I wanted a picture with her
holding one and FINALLY got her to hold it. (after Brynn
picked it up and gave it to her)

Brynn is my "NO FEAR" child. She touched everything
possible. She even held a gross fish for the seals.

Daddy and his boy

All of those things on the beach are seals. Here are the ladies
at seal beach. Those poor animals are gross.
mommy and Carter at seal beach
thanks dad for taking our picture

another mommy and child

just a cool view

Here is a picture of palm trees.
walking around San Diego. These cows are all over the place

Friday, March 13, 2009

38 and still kickin

Today is also Theo's Birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
( I promised no picture)


I got a text from my friend saying she was sitting
watching Ute gymnastics...I was SO SO jealous.
When I as little my mom and I had season tickets.
I LOVED going to all the meets. I knew everyones
name and stats and order they came out. I KNEW
EVERYTHING!!! I really miss going to the meets
I wish my girls and i could go and have the
same great memories I have with mine.

"nose job"

I got a sinus infection about a month ago and was
prescribed some antibiotics...well they took the
pain away but not the infection..turns out that
I have a disease behind my left eye. That
needs to be removed and while they were
doing the test (wich by the way was about
a foot long tube that got shoved up my nose)
they discovered a deviated septom. So on
April 8th I will be having a very easy surgery
(not a nose job) to remove the disease and
fixt the breathing problem! YEAH maybe
now I will be able to sleep with my mouth
closed at night. (theo is verry happy about the
closed mouth a night)

Monday, March 9, 2009

The past few months

Carter messing around the house. Hailey and Brynn like to put
him in the laundry basket and pull him around. He actually really
likes it. Carter got a new little toy that helps him walk around
and he loves to ram it into the walls. WHAT A BOY!

Carter and I drove to Utah and we stayed at my parents and
he loved to get into the plants.
The weather has been awesome!!! we have been going to the park a lot and
Carter LOVES to crawl around in the sand.
carter loves to hang out in the ladies room with them.
I got a new vacum for Christmas and we made a spaceship out
of the box and the kids loved playing with it.