Monday, March 23, 2009

10 Months

I can not belive how fast 10 monts has gone by.
It is a little sad knowing that in 2 more month my
baby will be 1. Carter is now walking holdin on to
just 1 finger!!! He can stand by himself if nobody is
lookig. He now has a vocabulary of 3 word wich
include, MOMMA, DADDA, and BOBBA. We are
trying to get him to say Hailey or Brynn.
He sleeps through the night and pretty much
always has except when sick. He is THE best
little boy ever! He LOVES to tackle his sisters
and play in their room. We love you Carter


Sarah said...

he is seriously such an adorable little boy!! I love that pic of him :)

Danni said...

such a cute picture!!! it really is sad how fast that first year goes. especially when you have older kids and you are having so much fun with a little one again (I TOTALLY know the feeling). enjoy every minute.

RJHnrksn said...

So cute!! I can't believe he's going to be 1 soon. What a fast year it's been. I guess that means you need another one right?

¨*:·.TIFF.·:*¨ said...

what a cutie! are you shocked i actually found your family blog and am now commenting?
good luck w/your surgery. i don't know if i will be the winner because i like my sweets WAY too much.
love you!

Amy said...

LOVE the new photo site!!! and I love the name!!! glad that you finally decided on one. You do such a great job!! How did the couponing go??