Monday, June 9, 2008


So today we visited the doctor and Little Carter
is 8lbs and 2oz. He is finally filling out.
Yesterday we went to church (Carter's first time)
look how cute he looks in his little outfit.


It's a Boy!!! said...

That outfit is so cute on him! (I'm not biased or anything...ha!) I'm glad your little boy is fattening up. I love the three sets of feet across the top of your blog!

Ryan, Jilly, & Spencer said...

Soooo Cute!!! I can't believe he already weighs 8 lbs.! Spencer is just at 13 and he's 5 months. oh well, he's a string bean. Love the outfit!!

Sarah Bogh said...

cute church clothes! where are they from? i looked for you at church but didn't see you, hope it went ok. how did you like joe's hair? weird huh? :)

Sarah Bogh said...

ya thats me in rockville, MD no worries :)