Friday, February 19, 2010

Touch the Temple Day

It was touch the temple day today! The girls had so much fun.

Hailey with Pres. Toshima
I like this picture of hailey
All the primary kids and the bishopric
One of my Fav flowers at the temple.
Cutest little ladies EVER! I just love them so much
Learning something i don't know what though..Look how into it they are!
Touching the Temple!

The beautiful temple grounds


Tim and Ashley Tappana said...

That looks like a very fun primary activity! At least...I'm guessing it was a primary activity. Your temple grounds look so much prettier than ours at the present moment...I really wish we had flowers! Anyway...just to let you know...until you start commenting on my blogs, I'm not commenting on yours anymore! Grrrr!

Jilly said...

Gorgeous girls. What a great activity to get them excited about the temple!