Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Park day and morning routine

It was a really nice day and the girls didn't have school so Carrie and I took the kids to the I wanted to try out my new lens!The kids wouldn't hold still. I think they were SO happy to get out of the house and not be at school that they just kept running around.They seriously ran up and down the field almost the entire time!It was great! Carter even took off his shoes. I LOVE VEGAS WEATHER!

This is our morning routine. We don't do a lot lately especially when school is in.
But I was getting harassed by some people telling me I needed to update the blog. So
here are some pictures. Now stop harassing me


Tim and Ashley Tappana said...

Finally! need to update more often! It's annoying because you've gone my blog doesn't tell me if you've updated or not, so I look like a stalker because I'm checking everyday! It's the only way I get to see my cute neices and nephew! And it's not like you have anything better to stop complaining! Gosh!

Carrie Brigman said...

Cute pics!

Jilly said...

Wow, Carter is getting so big!! Cute pix.

Bran..Brit..Jax..and Skylee said...

I love your kids, they make me smile. They are so cute and your girls are so pretty and Carter is such a handsome stud. Just thought i would tell you.. ha