Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pears and Cirque du Soleil

This is a picture of my first attempt at canning!
My friends Amy, Kristi and I all went down and
picked pears from an orchard. Then Amy
showed us how to can them.
My mom should be very proud of me.

So on Monday our good friend Matt gave us 2
tickets to go and see KA at the MGM. Theo took
Brynn Because Hailey and I have already seen it.
She loved the show and even got to go back stage.
here is a site to learn more about the show

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Sarah Bogh said...

hey, we are going to Lyman ut which is kinda south central utah. a little by you need me to do something for you while we are there? we are going up friday night and comin back sunday night so its kinda a quick trip. and i would be happy to take your family pics, my camera is just a dumb point and shoot but i will do whatever you want. and thanks on the congrats, we'll see if i can actually figure out all that i am supposed to be doing in this calling, its a whole lot of stuff i never even thought about before!! i gotta get organized! :)