Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Prophet

Gordon B. Hinckley our beloved prophet passed this evening.Below is a portion of an interview with Larry King.

KING: What happens when you die?

HINCKLEY: When you die? Well, I'm not fully conversant with that. I haven't passed through that yet.

KING: Well, call me. Knowing you, I'll be there and I'll call you.

KING: But you do believe that something happens.

HINCKLEY: Oh, of course we do. But we believe that death is a part of an eternal journey, that we lived as spirit children of our father before we came into this life.That we're here in mortality as a part of an eternal living, and that we will go on living after this life, purposefully. And that through the redemption of the Lord Jesus Christ, men will be resurrected. There will come a time of resurrection.And those who walk in obedience may go on to exaltation.

What an example he was in showing us to walk in obedience. Now he will be with his sweet wife.We will all miss his quick wit and humor.

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