Thursday, March 3, 2011

The attempt

So for Brynn's Baptism we got all the cousins together REALLY fast one morning before littleEmmy had to leave back to Salt Lake. We took probably 50 pictures. These are the best! My favorite is the last one of them all laughing. Want to know why they were all laughing (with the exception of little Mia who was sick so she can cry if she wants too) Well...Their aunt Ashley tried to get them to all look at me and make them she found one of Noah's pirate daggers and decided to stab herself with it! GREAT IDEA RIGHT!!! well the boys thought it was hilarious and started acting pretty funny. That made Hailey and Brynn laugh and for Emmy..she's use to her mom being silly. And again. poor Mia was sick!
But I love pictures like this. Probably because this is how they always are!

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Jilly said...

Love the pix! It's so fun when you can catch all their personalities! And yay for updating your blog! it's been forever....