Thursday, June 3, 2010

Emery Elizabeth Tappana
May 25, 2010
8pounds 8ounces 19 1/2 inches

My 2nd niece arrived almost a week later than the first! I am
so lucky to have another beautiful baby to love. Emery is
the cutest chunk ever! She loves her aunt allyson VERY much!
Her mommy probably loves me even more because I taught her how
to get Emmy to sleep 8 hours at night! I'm SO cool huh.
Welcome to the family Emmy! We love you!


Tim and Ashley Tappana said...

Oh my heck! She's the most beautiful baby I've ever seen! :) I'm not biased or anything...

Natalie & Shane said...

These pictures turned out GREAT!!!!! I love them all, how could you even decide which ones to pick. Emery is beautiful, cute name too!!!!! Congrats to Ash and Tim!!!!

Jilly said...

She's super cute!! Love the pix...