Wednesday, August 26, 2009

{GaRdEnS dOgS BiNkIeS}

So for family home evening we talked about gardens and why
we should plant one. We have 2 pots that are growing some
veggies for us. We plated Cherry Tomatoes and Bell Peppers.
The girls have been SO fun to watch everyday. They go
out in the morning before school and water their pots.
well one morning we found one pot with a surprise waiting!!

Carter loves to crawl up on the couch and talk to the dogs out back.

He also has a little binkie obsession.... one in the mouth and one in each hand!


RJHnrksn said...

Spencer has the same obsession with Binks. He constantly wants one, and if he see's another, he'll grab it and switch them back and forth...

Bran..Brit..Jax..and Skylee said...

member when he wouldn't ever take one?