Thursday, August 20, 2009


Brynn has been begging me to take her picture so
just her and I went and had a full on {photoshoot}
She had SO much fun and I think we got lots of good ones
here are just a few.
I also wanted to get some pictures of Brynn's "STYLE"!
I call her my "homeless child" because well...this is
how she dresses on a regular day. I have come
to terms with it!!!! I have learned to embrace Brynn's so
called "style". I wanted to get some good pictures
of it so what when she's older she can look back and
see what she would wear for clothing.
oh brynnie i love you so!
leg warmers made by skylees closet


Hyrum and Kristi Partridge said...

She is way to cute!!!

Julie Kaye said...

Cute pic's!! I have been hoping to get a photographer for Meg's Miracle! !!!Send me what contact # and other info that you would like us to put on the gift certificate! Let me know what your other friend will do as well! Thanks for being so willing to help!!!

The Wents said...

Brynn is so pretty. I actually reallly like her style. Great pictures, you are very talented.

RJHnrksn said...

Wow, she looks so grown up!! I love the outfit, and I'm sure there's a few pix of you looking the same way...