Wednesday, July 8, 2009

{4 Of JuLy In UtAh}

Uncle Tim playing with his sparkler

Our street fireworks

me being cheesy on Ashley's bike

Playing on the trampoline at grandmas

Look at the BELLY! Carter would of stayed outside ALL day
playing with the water

Superman? or Cowboy?


playing with bubbles

Sandy city firework show

Pappa waiting for the fireworks to start
Carter enjoying something to eat?

Brynn eating while waiting

Mmmm.... watermelon
Everyone just eating a dinner while waiting for the show to start.
We had SO much fun in Utah...I wish we didn't have to come back

1 comment:

The Gunnell Family said...

I love the pictures you take! You're so creative in them!! I definately want you to take some family pictures for me!!!
Maybe a trade for a razor ride! lol