Friday, June 12, 2009

{sUmMeR dAyS}

I love sumer because the flowers are Hatched (thats what
brynn says) and that means taking pictures of them
It also means long hours in the pool
Look at that form

Hailey doing a backflip

This is how I do the pool

And riding bikes until 9:00pm
oh the joys of summer time


Tim and Ashley Tappana said...

Fun fun fun! I'm totally jealous of the swimming! Not that I would get into a swimsuit, but it sounds so nice! Miss you guys! The pictures look really good!

¨*:·.TIFF.·:*¨ said...

those pictures are amazing! what program do you use to edit your shots?

Linz said...

So jealous of the swimming and the photos...absolutely gorgeous!!!

Lynds said...

Hey! I do it on photobucket. I just resize it to the large or 15" screen size and cut and paste it. Let me know if you try and it and cant get it to work. I will write it in more detail. Good luck!!!

Tiffani said...

Those pool pictures are awesome. Cute little girls and awesome feet.