Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday

Carter had a GREAT birthday. The neighbor kids
came over and had cake with him. He LOVED it!
He dug right in.
Then on Monday night we had a family party with
an AWESOME cake!!! Isn't it SO SO cute!!
Again he dug right in with NO hesitation. We had
a great birthday weekend and also scored some new
church clothes and a new swimsuit.


Tim and Ashley Tappana said...

his cake is cute! I love it! it looks like Carter really enjoyed it too :)

Linz said...

Happy Birthday to Carter!!! Miss you guys...especially when it is picture time...did you see the girls pics we did for Easter...its just not the same w/o you Allyson!

girlfriday said...

i see you're going through a vintage phase...

Natalie & Shane said...

I love the cake!!!! Are you getting all Becky Homemecki on me? It looks like Carter had a great birthday. Way cute pics too!!!1