Monday, April 6, 2009

bikes and marshmallows

Brynn is back to riding her bike. She wouldn't ride it
for 2 years because her feet couldn't touch the ground
and she was to big for the smaller bikes.
Today was so nice outside she decided to take
her doll for a ride (carriage and all) It was just so cute
I had to take a picture.

We had a little camp fire with some friends the other
night. We roasted marshmallows. The ladies had SO
much fun. I am so excited now that it is starting to
get warm. Here comes the hiking of Red Rock and
other great outdoor activities.


girlfriday said...

you are so funny. you need a spell-check. and whatever you think wasn't going right with your camera, i don't see it. i think those are great shots.

Natalie & Shane said...

Man I wish we had weather like that here in Utah. Oh how I miss sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows. I can't wait for summer, girls camp, or just going to the canyon with family and friends.
I can't believe how much Brynn looks like you in the last picture.