Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cakes and RSV

Carter has RSV so he get's to do breathing treatments
very 4hours. He's pretty good about doing them and
sitting still. The ladies love to hold him while he
wears the "FOG MASK".

Brynn's Cake

Hailey's Cake

I got this prize from Bunco. It was a cut heart shaped cake
pan and a cake mix and some valentine sprinkles. The
ladies had SO much fun making their cakes and then
decorating them.


Sarah said...

Ohhhh, poor poor baby! So sad when they are sick. Cute cakes though!

RJHnrksn said...

Way cute cakes! And so sad about Carter, I hope he gets over it soon. Be glad he's not in the hospital though, it's much much harder. You are in our prayers!!!

nakagawa family said...

Sorry to hear that your lil one is sick.. we need to still plan a play date I'm off wed-fri

Tiffani said...

check my blog. I tagged you.