Friday, January 23, 2009

8 Months old today

Carter is 8 months old today. WOW I still can't believe he
is actually here. He has been such a blessing to our
He now weighs a whopping 15.6 lbs (2weeks go at he Dr.)
and is 29 inches long. Theo is hoping he will be atleast
6ft 5in when he's older.
He is starting to stand by himself. Well he thinks he can.
He is getting daring and letting go of things after he pulls
himself up on furniture.
He has had 2 black cheecks and a coule of knots on the
head. He talks/yells SO much. A lot of times I have to plug
him with a binkey (in pulic places)
But we wouldn't have it anyother way!


RJHnrksn said...

Wow, I can't believe it's been 8 months already! He's growing up quick. He's catching up to Spencer fast. He's only at 19 lbs. poor guy. I do the same thing with the binky, when we get somewhere he thinks it's hilarious to start screaming and talking as loud as possible. What a doll though!

Sarah Bogh said...

Happy 8 months Carter!!

Sarah said...

He's sooo tiny! And adorable... I can't believe he's already trying to stand on his own... what a little daredevil! BTW, your Disney trip looked like so much fun. It made me so excited to go in 2 weeks!

Moonpie's Mom said...

8 months! Boy it goes fast. It's not fair. I think god makes us fall in love with them soooo much when they are tiny so we don't kill them when they are teens!!!
HA HA. Anyway, i e-mailed you about your camera, i got your comment on my blog, and i had some more questions. did you get my e-mail????