Sunday, November 23, 2008


Carter is 6 Months today! He is so much fun to have
in our family. He is full of smiles and we are so
lucky to have him in our lives.
Things he does
-starting to sit up(already sits up in the swing and bouncy chair)
-hates to eat food and WILL NOT drink from a bottle
-he LOVES to do raspberries
-he is always talking (he even says mamamamama)
-he is an expert at pulling hair (ask the ladies)
-he likes to watch t.v.
-he weighs 14lbs and 6oz
-he likes to play in his saucer and grab the mirror and look at himself
Carter we LOVE you so much!

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Valerie said...

Little Carter is so cute! And your girls are to die for :) I can't believe how much they've grown. It's been great reconnecting and seeing what a darling little family you have.