Thursday, September 18, 2008


So i went to pick Brynn up from Kindergarten
and she couldn't find me. I was only
10 feet away from her. Why couldn't she see me?
so i just called her name and she looked up
and said "oh I didn't see you! you did your hair"

WHAT!!!!!! you don't recognize your own mom when
she does her hair!!!! how sad is that.

So then I went over to a friends (you know who you are)
and she didn't say anything but later on
admitted to saying (in her head) "oh she did
her hair cool"
ok people was it really that bad???
so here is a picture for all of you who missed
this moment.
oh Even my dentist asked if I got my hair done, and
a little girl at school even asked. Maybe I should
do my hair more often.


Sarah Bogh said...

no it was not really that bad! :)what we should really ask is if Theo noticed???

dgmthrof3 said...

way cute hair, but then I've seen you before when you do your hair. LOL! I get the same reaction from my kids too! Love ya!

deeanna said...

absolutely hilarious! as soon as the page loaded and i saw the picture, my first thought was "did she do something to her hair? i don't think i've ever seen it look smoother or healthier". HA HA HA!

Allyson said...

ok ok I didn't go get it done i just didn't put it in a ponytail.