Monday, August 18, 2008

Was wondering when this would happen

so the first picture is how I laid
carter down. I then came back about
5 minutes later and found the DOG
sticker on his shirt.
(the ladies are in a chain mail
sticker club and got some
stickers today from tiffany's
I had to take a picture. Well maybe
10 minutes later the girls were really
quiet so i went to check and the
third picture explains it all.
I knew this would happen and was just
waiting for it. The ladies just
adore Carter and think he is the best!
notice his tiara and his bracelet in his
little hand.


Ryan, Jilly, Spencer said...

Awww, precious. I remember doing that to Brent when he was a little older. We used to put him in my care bears nightgown, and put make-up on him and do his hair. He must've hated me and Karrie...

nakagawa family said...

so cute.. I love your page better. I'm still learning how to set it all up. got any tips for me to improve it?