Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rolling Over

My 6 week old is rolling over! My mom didn't

believe me but here is proof!

if you listen you can hear him tooting!


Red Riding Hood said...

Wow. Look out here comes Carter. I can hear the tooting. That is awesome video.

Missy said...

Thanks for offering to make Ellie's birth announcements. That is sweet and yours are so very cute. I have already made some with my rubber stamps and we are just going to stick her picture in. I'd like to send you one. Send me your address to my e-mail (matilda2001@juno.com) and we'll send you one. Carter sure is cute and rolling over already! Wow!

Sarah Bogh said...

ha ha thats funny, payten was exactly 6 weeks when he did it too!
hooray carter good job!

Ryan, Jilly, & Spencer said...

Wow, Spencer hated being put down, so he's just mastered rolling over. Don't you love baby farts? They are so funny to be coming out of something so small and sweet.