Friday, April 4, 2008

Our Little Heart Surgeon

It was Haily's Career Fashion Show today at school and she wanted to be
a Heart Surgeon. It was so cute she needed some help on what to say
and so We practiced and practiced so she would be ready for their dress
rehersal. She came home from school and I asked her what she said, she
told me... "Hi my name is Hailey and I want to be a Doctor because I want
to cut people open" WHAT!! I told her she needed to say something different,
so then the next day I asked her teacher what she said now..." Hi my name
is Hailey and I want to be a Doctor because I like to look at people's bodies"
OK WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? cutting people open and looking
at people's bodies, So we chaged it AGAIN! Today I was just hoping she would
say what we practiced..... take a look
(mute my music so you can hear her)


J said...

She is hilarious! Good for her - free medical advice... well, I guess not exactly 'free'.

Stephanie said...

What a cute girl! I think "performing surgeries" summed all that up pretty good.