Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ok so I have had people ask why their aren't any
pictures of me. So here you go, HERE I AM!
This is me at 30 weeks. I would like to thank
Ashley for taking the pictures and Hailey
for choosing my poses.


The Gunnell Family said...

I love the poses!!! 30 Weeks! You're almost there! You look awesome!

Sarah Bogh said...

you look so small in those pics!!! i need your camera to take mine maybe it will help me out a little!

Weston & Missy said...

Hey Al,
You look great! I'm still very excited for you to be having a little man in the family. Only 10 weeks left!

Jacob & Tia said...

Very nice! We talk with Lima rarely. You know how busy people's lives are. You look great.

Ryan, Jilly, & Spencer said...

Aww so cute, I love preggie pics. I took one every month! You do look great.