Wednesday, January 16, 2008


WOW! It sure has gone fast. I can not believe my baby is 5 and will be in Kindergarten starting this next year. It made me really realize how time really does fly! It also made me want to spend so much more time reading stories, playing dolls, doing puzzles and making sure I teach them everything that is really important.

ok so I just read that and it sounds cheesy and kind of like i'm about die. :)

We celebrated Brynn's Birthday today! Grandma took her shopping and got her some new clothes. (brynn loves clothes)

Also today (I have to write this down) we were driving in the car to go pick Hailey up and I didn't put my seat belt on. Well in our car if our belt isn't on there is a little red blinking light that tells you to put it on. She saw our security guards drivng by and said "QUICK MOM put your seat belt on the wack a nut guy is going to get you!!" For those of you who don't know who wack a nut would be it is our security guards who drive by. But their real name is Wackenhut! It was so cute.

Brynn got a little Diamond star necklace from Mom, Dad and Hailey. She also got this really big balloon that sings when you tap it! Brynn wanted a valentine kind of cake this year so we are making a heart shaped one.


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Sarah Bogh said...

Ha Ha, that is so funny, i like the whack a nut name way better! your template is way cute! i like this one a lot.